Mokuleia Beach


Mokuleia Beach is located at the very tip of the North Shore of Oahu. There are a couple of different was to experience the area, both of which will make for an amazing day out on the tip of Oahu’s North Shore. Besides being one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches on Oahu, the Mokuleia area also offers a fantastic hike; one that will take you to the tip of Oahu and allow for bird viewing and monk seal viewing. So the hike at the right time of the year and you will be able to see humpback whales as well.

Backdrop of Hit TV Show LOST

Mokuleia Beach has always been popular with the locals, and over the last decade has become hugely popular with tourists and other visitors for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most prevalent reason that interest in Mokuleia has exploded over the last decade is due to the fact that it was the setting and backdrop for the wildly popular TV show LOST. LOST was filmed in Hawaii for almost 7 years, and from the plane crash footage to the jungle, Mokuleia was used and fans from around the world want to visit the area when they come to Oahu.

Keep driving past Sunset Beach, past Old Haleiwa town and simply follow the road out to the tip of Oahu until you cannot go anymore. You will eventually hit the Mokuleia Beach area, which consists of several miles of amazing beach line that offers multiple surfing, swimming and picnicking spots. Some parts of the beach contain many rocks, so you may want to find the area that is right for you. However, the entire coastline is memorable because it offers a view of the entire North Shore and Windward side of Oahu, which is something spectacular to behold.

Mokuleia Hike

At the very tip of the North Shore of Oahu, when you can drive no more, is the Mokuleia Hike and nature preserve. The initial part of the hike is all dirt roads, and you can even drive a four wheel up there. Or, you can follow the coastline on your walk, which is the best way to enjoy the initial part of the hike. You will eventually come to the nature preserve area of the hike, which leads you to the tip of Oahu’s North Shore and takes you directly through a bird sanctuary and gives you the chance to see Monk Seals resting and playing in the cove at the end of the hike. Humpback Whales are also all around during many parts of the year, so make sure you bring your camera.

Mokuleia Beach and Hike offers a little something for everyone so do not miss the opportunity to explore the area and take in all the sites and historical landmarks.

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