Kualoa Ranch Private Nature Reserve

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Kualoa Ranch is one of Hawaii’s favorite meeting points, located in the ever-sunny Oahu region. With more than 1600 hectares, its 4,000 acres and a wide variety of fauna and flora growing freely in the area, make this ranch one of the most charming places on the island. The estate stretches from the Koolau mountains to the tropical sea, giving its visitors spectacular views where they can take beautiful photographs for souvenirs.

The visit to the Ranch offers different itineraries depending on the tastes of each visitor, being able to enjoy a more adventurous experience trying to ride in a traditional Tyrolean, and try to connect with the nature and history of the place; or make a visit much more thematic, where you can discover mythical locations of the cinema that was shot on the island.

For this purpose the farm is divided into two areas: on one side the north valley of Kaaawa with its multiple film locations, and on the other the valley of Hakipuu, located opposite an 800 year old Hawaiian pond and a beach belonging to a secret island of the place.

The basics

If what you’re looking for is adventure, you’ll find it at the Kualoa Ranch. With multiple entertainment activities to choose from, the tourist can spend a full day touring the island to visit its most emblematic places, while enjoying fun-filled activities that will provide a good adrenaline rush.

Among the activities offered by the Ranch, include: exploring trails on horseback, traveling dirt trails bouncing up in a large SUV, crossing the jungle throwing from a zip line, sunbathing on the whitest beaches in the world, catamaran ride and enjoy the waters of Kaneohe, visit the fruit orchards of Kualoa, and even know the farm of the ranch itself and visualize firsthand the whole process food.

The tourist will be able to choose between a single activity, a full day tour of activities, or choose the circle tour that surrounds the entire island and get to know first hand emblematic places of Oahu such as Makapuu Beach, Kaneohe Bay and Diamond Head.

Things to know before you go

If you want to have a complete experience of the Kualoa Ranch and enjoy all the visits without any problems, you should previously do your homework and take into account all these details:

The ranch has its own lockersAll activities have a professional guideAny activity reservation at the ranch must be made at least 24 in advanceIt has its own restaurant, the Aunty Pat’s Café. It has a very complete menu that includes all kinds of meat and vegetable dishes, made with products grown by local farmersHorseback rides and ATV rides are minimum age, it is mandatory to have at least 10 years to ride a horse and be over 16 for the ATVIt has its own gift shop and souvenirsIt is advisable to bring waterproof and insect repellent on all the exits through the jungle and surroundingsCertain tours have the possibility to include round trip transportation from hotels

How to get there

To get to the Kualoa Ranch there are two possibilities: driving along the picturesque roads that cross the island with wonderful views of its coast and mountains, use public transport or choose a tourist plan that includes transportation to the ranch from our hotel.

The Ranch is located 25 miles north of Waikiki Beach and about 11 miles north of Kaneohe, thus situated in the Oahu windward zone. If we decide to opt for public transport, we should look for the number 55 that leaves from Waikiki and leaves us at the same door of the property.

When to get there

If you have doubts about what is the best time of year to visit the Kualoa Ranch and enjoy the outdoor activities without having to fear for the weather, the truth is that there is no bad month to do it. The town of Oahu is known for having a fantastic year-round climate, averaging between 70 ºF ( 21 Cº) and 80 ºF ( 27 Cº). It is true, however, that there is a rainy season between February and November, so if we have to rule out a few months, it is better that they are.

The ranch is open all days of the year from 8:30 am to 6 pm, it is preferable to do outdoor activities like riding in off-road or on horseback during the first or last hours of the day, since during the midday the heat can become quite overwhelming.

Movie Magic at Kualoa Ranch

Without a doubt, one of the great attractions of this place is its popularity as one of the favorite stages of filming among filmmakers, having appeared in several well-known series and being the main venue for the major Jurassic Park franchise. The ranch offers different visit plans depending on our preferences, being able to enjoy an exclusive tour of the jungles of Jurassic Park for 90 minutes, make a standard visit of locations also 90 minutes or, enjoy a tour of premiere films for two and a half hours.

On a green bus and into the wildest jungle, we will be able to relive unforgettable scenes from Lost, visit the Hukilau Cafe of Fifty First Dates and delight in the unparalleled beauty offered by the natural vegetation of Oahu. A spectacle for the senses.

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