The Gathering Place – Island of Oahu

The Gathering Place-Island-of-Oahu

The Gathering Place is Oahu’s nickname and there is a reason for that. For one thing, this was the main island in the old Hawaiian days, and it was considered the gathering place for everyone when something important was happening. I guess you can still think that way today, as Oahu has more residents on it than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined.

The total population of Hawaii is right around 1.3 million, with almost 1 million of those being located on the island of Oahu. However, despite being a bit more crowded than the other islands, Oahu still has a number of amazing scenic attraction and activities to enjoy.

Honolulu, which is the capital of Hawaii, is also located on Oahu, as is Waikiki, the destination for most tourists. The island of Oahu is a melting pot of culture, and for someone looking to experience a ton of different things in one place Oahu is for you.

Of course you have amazing Waikiki, which caters to almost 5 million visitors per year and offers a number of great tours and attraction for visitors. You also have some of the most well know sites in Hawaii on Oahu, including the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, which is arguably the most famous war memorial in the entire nation.

Oahu offers some of the best Hawaii weather, as you may get some rainfall, but it will quickly subside and leave you with gleaming sunshine and perfect weather. While other islands in the Hawaiian chain have amazing beaches, Oahu also some great beaches of its own. Perhaps the most famous Hawaii beach of all is located on Oahu. The amazing, and dangerous, Sunset/Pipeline Beach is arguably the most famous beach in the nation. We certainly know that it is the most famous surfing spot in the world.

There is also a lot to see and do on the North Shore of Oahu, as Old Haleiwa Town offers up some great food and a ton of little ma and pa stores, all of which are sure to please. Keep driving further out and you will hit Mokuleia Beach and hiking area. Famous as the backdrop of the hit TV show LOST, Mokuleia also offers one of the better hikes on Oahu. While not a steep hike, you will find one of the best views on Oahu at the end of the hike, complete with a bird and seal sanctuary.

Oahu is the hub of business in Hawaii, and there is a ton to see and do. Make plans to see the Arizona Memorial for sure, as it will be one of the more moving memorials you will ever visit.